The Top Ten

Cuz I’m kind of an organizational freak, I’ve made a list here of the most read posts on the site.  That way, you won’t have to strain your scrolling fingers trying to find the best of An Encore Voyage – I’m just helpful like that!

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What Counts as “Retired?

Retirement – What will you learn next?

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Seven Ways to Make Retirement Seem Easy

It’s Not a Bucket List

Not Completely Retired? 8 Tips for Working From Home

So fellow Encore Voyagers, apparently we are not alone.  There are a whole lot of early retirees/baby boomers/second actors/newly encored folks who seem to have similar experiences and have made their way to these pages.  These are the posts that seem to ring true to them.  I hope you’ll check them out, leave comments, and join our little band of happily retired youngsters!