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Encore Quotes – The Art of Being Happy

It’s taken us a the better part of a lifetime to figure out that what makes us happy is not how much stuff we have.  I read somewhere that we spend the first 2/3 of our lives accumulating possessions, and the last 1/3 getting rid of those possessions!  So take some time and evaluate what really makes you HAPPY and have a fabulous weekend!

~ Lynn

Living For the Weekend? Not Anymore!

The strangest thing has happened to us as we have adjusted more and more to the Encore Voyage.  Just this week a friend posted yet another, “It’s Hump Day!” photo on my Facebook timeline.  I skimmed right past.  I remember how we could hardly wait until Friday night got here.  For most of our working lives, TGIF was a big deal!

But now, NOT SO MUCH!

Most people can hardly wait for the weekend to arrive because

a) They need a couple of extra days to catch up on a mountain of chores and tasks, and

b) They are exhausted from their Monday through Friday stress ridden working careers, and just need time to recuperate.

I have decided that one of the best things about this Encore Voyage, whether it be retirement, or just working for ourselves is that


Yep, that’s right.  All of those jobs that we used to cram into Saturday afternoon have been done, a little here, a little there, throughout the week.  I can go to the grocery store on a Thursday morning.  I can hardly collect a full load of laundry these days.  I do it when it’s convenient.  The house pretty much stays clean with daily attention.  I can write on a Saturday morning, or at midnight on a Tuesday.

And we’re not constantly exhausted.  One of the most prominent things I tell people when they ask me how I’m liking retirement is that

“You don’t realize how exhausted you were until you’re not anymore!”

And since we’re no longer bone tired, we don’t feel the need to “catch up on the weekend.”

What we do notice about the weekend?

  • Everyone ELSE is out running their errands – so we don’t want to.
  • Everyone ELSE is going out on the town – we now prefer to go out during the week.
  • We no longer experience the “Sunday night blues.” – You know those, right?

And here’s the biggie –

  • We forget what day of the week it is! 

Every single day opens up to us with opportunity.

So here’s to a wonderful Monday. At least, I think that’s what today is…


Cover photo: Eric Rothermel ~ Unsplash