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Orange is the New…Office?


Jeremy and I used to share an office in our home.  When we were both employed by others, our office was used for household tasks.  We paid the bills, took care of banking, handled mail, and occasionally played a game of computer solitaire.  When we started running our own business out of our home…let’s just say that things changed – and I’m being nice here.

Slowly, little by little, I began to notice that everything that was “cute” in our mutual office was being systematically REMOVED!  My cute figurines found new homes in the guest bedroom.  My stuff that was left sitting on the desk was now nowhere to be found – it had been tucked away into some drawer.  THE OFFICE had now become HIS OFFICE with a distinctive architectural flair.  (Read: Cherry, chrome, black…)  Until one day I found myself perched on a barstool at the end of our counter, surrounded by the flotsam of my life, and it occurred to me:

I Need a Home for my CRAP!!!

A place; a corner; a drawer…Something!  When you spend so much time together, and perhaps even when you don’t, everyone needs a little personal space, don’t you think?  We were lucky enough to have an extra bedroom that was being used for little more than storage, and with some rearranging of furniture and a gallon of a lovely squash colored paint – I now have my happy place.  It holds the things that I love and that are important to me.  It reflects who I am.  It’s a place where I can work, create or hide…and it’s MINE – All Mine!  So what is your space?  Is it a room, a corner, a nook?  Perhaps you have a special desk or piece of furniture.  How have you created that one place that is uniquely your own?  I can’t wait to hear how others have addressed this problem of too much togetherness!