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Encore Quotes – The Day’s Resolutions

A weird year!  It’s just seemed like a weird year for New Year’s reflection! Usually I’m all about analyzing my past 12 months, thinking about the future, figuring out my “word,” deciding what I’d do differently in the upcoming months.

This year, I got NUTHIN!  Nada! Zip! Zilch!  I tried to come up with goals and resolutions and all that stuff, just like the rest of the world.  But for reasons I don’t understand, nothing significant came to mind!

Then a friend posted this saying on Instagram, and bam!  There it was – the thing that I was looking for.  I’ve been journaling lately, writing things I’m grateful for, and trying to be more mindful.  I’m adding an item that Pat suggested, over at Retirement Transitions, “What is the most important thing I did [yesterday]?”  Brilliant, huh?  Thanks, Pat! But now I’ll be also be considering this:

What do I resolve to do TODAY?

I just didn’t want to make great big, year-long goals, that would end up abandoned or forgotten by the third week in January.  I may not be able to stick to the resolution to lose a gazillion pounds.  But I’m pretty sure I can decide to eat a salad for dinner.  Baby steps.  Call a friend.  Go for a walk.  Do some yoga today.  Yeah, I can make those resolutions stick!  Have a wonderful, mindful weekend!


Encore Quotes – It’s Supposed to Be Hard!

I thought it would be easy.  After all, I play the piano!  Eighty eight keys, 10 fingers, I already read music – in fact multiple lines of notes at a time.  How hard could it be to play an instrument that produces one note at a time in about a 3 or 4 octave range???  Yeah, right!

The saxophone…that half-marathon…a new business…learning a language – Whatever your thing is, remember hard is what makes it great!  Have a wonderful weekend doing the hard things!


Retirement – What will you learn next?

A few days ago, “Sparky” over at Mr. Fire Station posted a list of the five stages of retirement.  In the third stage, the Bloomberg graphic claims that you need to be prepared for the boredom which will inevitably set in.  I voiced my opinion in my comment on his blog, and I will say it again now…

That’s bull pucky!

We live in a great big, vast world in which you have learned exactly 0% of all of the things out there to be discovered!  Even the inside of your own mind is endless!  (I admit, I read that somewhere!)  But it’s so true!  Anything that even remotely peaks your interest is yours for the taking, and in this Encore Voyage, you have nothing if not time to pursue those interests.

For me, I have found that each time I decide I want to learn something new, it keeps leading me to the next thing, and I can’t decide what I should try next!  In fact, I keep finding that I don’t have enough time to tackle all the things I want to try!  That age old expression, “When did I find time to work?” is certainly true!

What do you want to learn today-

Take, for example, my saxophone.  A few years back, commented that I wanted to play a second, more portable musical instrument.  I already play the piano, but it’s a little difficult to pack up and take to a party!  My piano teacher advised me that I have the “attitude of an alto sax player” whatever that’s supposed to mean, and now I’m the proud owner of a beautiful alto sax.  I’m committed to one day playing that sucker!  Right now, I’m at the “squawking like I’m calling geese” stage, but I will improve with practice and time.

The point is, in retirement, especially in this internet age, you can learn to do pretty much anything you put your mind to…So I ask youWhat will you donow that you're donedoing what you did-Instead of sitting around being bored and waiting for the next stage to arrive, how about you ask yourself some questions:

What’s next?

What are my goals?

What do I want to learn, do, or be?

Is there anything that I’ve always wanted to try?

Where do I see myself in the next 10 years?

Because, my friend, if you don’t pay attention, you will let your retirement years slip away. You will sleep in, watch TV, play computer games, go out to lunch with friends, play golf, babysit those grand kids, and before you know it, a couple of decades will have passed, and I don’t want you to get to the end of it asking, “Is that it???”  Because the only path to a rich, rewarding and vigorous retirement requires some soul searching, self-reflection, and learning new things!


Blindness by Blogging

I felt the same way as NiftyFiftyShades when I started wearing glasses full time. Not, not, not gonna wear glasses on a chain around my neck! (Heavens no, only OLD teachers do that!). And besides, what can be bad about pics of dogs wearing glasses on a Saturday morning! Have a great weekend, everyone!


imageOptician:   That comes to  Eur 638.75

Me:             Are they 24 carat solid gold?

Optician :  No

Me:              Are the diamond encrusted?

Optician:   No.

Me:              Have they been hand crafted by nymphs.

Optician:    No.

Me:              Have they been lovingly buffed by French nuns.

Optician:    No

Me:              But they are nice and designery…

Optician:   Yes.

imageMmm!! Which to choose.  Blindness or spectacles

imageMy blog is almost three months old.  It began as a technical challenge, playing about with WordPress, trying different themes, mucking about with plugins, most enjoyable.  Now that I’ve acquainted myself with the wondrous mysteries of the Twitter machine I’m addicted.


Only problem is, my eyes are sore.  The dreaded day has arrived, I must wear spectacles full time.   I’ve managed until now with glasses just for reading.  I’m perfectly happy to go about my business half blind rather than cave in and wear glasses full time .  It…

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The Doors to Knowledge Invite the Love of Reading

While reading this morning I ran across this post at Perspectives On…and it touched my heart. Instilling a love of reading was THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of my 30 year teaching career!

Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

Doors to knowledge open here

What is your “one love?” As a writer and educator, I have to admit that the love of books and reading is at the top of my list of loves.

The above photo shows a sculpture of a woman reading in the lobby of the Sacramento State University library. I was surprised that I had not noticed her before. That is what photography will do–provide a new perspective while searching for perfect shot.

What I love about this is she is reading near the doors, as if she had just checked out her book and couldn’t wait to start reading.

“The doors to knowledge invite the love of reading.” -Terri Webster Schrandt

teach love of reading

These are submitted for the weekly photo challenge: One Love  and for Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors.  Feel free to join these photo challenges any time.

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