We’re On Our Way!

“You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So… get on your way!” ― DrSeuss

Today we are headed to Las Vegas to pick up the travel van! For the past three weeks, I’ve been studying up, browsing through Amazon, and resisting the urge to buy All. The. Things.

It’s a slippery slope. Every time I turn around, someone suggests something I might need or want to get for “the van.” I have joined several different Facebook owners groups, and have been reading the advice of others who have gone before. But we’re going to take it slowly, and figure out what we need as we move forward.

And just for the record, I’m a little bit nervous. As a complete RV newbie, the learning curve will be steep. But the dealer has promised to put us through a couple of days of training, and they are paying for us to spend tonight in a nice RV park, so come this evening, we’ll be pushing all the buttons and trying to figure out what’s what!

Did you know that with the help of a space bag, you can suck the air out and pack 2 feather pillows in a carry-on bag? I might just know that from experience…Stay Tuned!

9 thoughts on “We’re On Our Way!

  1. scr4pl80

    Have fun. The hubs and I considered doing this until he hurt his back and can’t sit for long periods driving anymore. We were thinking of a big RV and long distances but this size looks not too bad. I might even be able to drive it. If you have not already, check out Dawn and Mike at Random Bits of Trial and Error for inspiration about RV living. They sold their home and have been living on the road for over a year now. https://randombitsoftrialanderror.com/ Looking forward to hearing more of your travels.

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    1. Encore Voyage Post author

      As a couple, I’m the one who needs to learn every. single. thing. Jeremy is content to learn what he needs to know, as he needs it. For example, when we got his new cell phone, he said, “Just show me how to make calls, and get my emails and texts.” I’ve got to know what every button does, and how to operate every function! LOL

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  2. Nancy

    Hi Lynn,
    Can’t wait to hear more about your van adventures. We recently bought a travel trailer and are having great fun learning all about her this summer…the big, epic, great American road trip is scheduled to begin late NEXT summer (one of us needs to be 62 to be eligible for those great National Park discounts, lol!)

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  3. Liesbet @ Roaming About

    Very exciting, Lynn! By the time you read my comment – late to the party as life on the road is all-encompassing and doesn’t always offer free time and internet as you will find out soon 🙂 – you won’t be a newbie anymore. 🙂 As I’ve mentioned before, if you have any questions, shoot!



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