I am Grateful for the Young!

For a while there, I was in danger of becoming one of those grumpy old gals declaring, “You kids get off the lawn!”  I would comment to my friends about these useless young people, who spend their days in coffee shops –  who think they will become millionaires based on their knowledge of essential oils.  How can these crazy kids ever amount to anything when they are going into debt up to their eyeballs, and are unable to delay gratification of any kind???

But then some recent happenings caused me to reevaluate my position (or at least bring it into sharper focus.)  I have been asked to guest post by Janis over at Retirementally Challenged.  So how about if you pop on over there and check out my new appreciation on Janis’s GratiTuesday post!  While you’re there, visit the rest of Janis’s offerings.  You’ll be glad you did, because Janis is awesome at being retired!


11 thoughts on “I am Grateful for the Young!

      1. Encore Voyage Post author

        When I was teaching, my students didn’t recognize me without a cup of coffee in my hand! Although 30 years of staff room coffee has made me able to drink nearly anything!

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  1. Michele @liferedesign101

    I have heard so much Millenial bashing. I have a deep respect for these young people who want to not only work, but do meaningful things and make the world better. Yes, they do it differently from our generation, but that is how they are shaping the world. Thanks for recognizing their contributions.

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    1. Encore Voyage Post author

      Thanks, Michele! I can’t wait to see what they come up with over the next 30 years (hope I live long enough!) Just look how far tech has come during the last 30!



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