Encore Quote ~ You Worried Too Much

If you read my post earlier in the week, you’ll know that this is one of the things I wish I’d learned much earlier in my life.  So many of the things I’ve learned since we started the voyage include slowing down, being present, reducing stress, breathing.  The quality of our lives has improved so much that we often think, “Why didn’t we know this before!?!

So how about it, fellow Voyagers.  Are you stressing over things that in the end won’t really matter?  Are there things you can eliminate?  Ways you can slow down?

I wish you a peaceful and worry free weekend!


17 thoughts on “Encore Quote ~ You Worried Too Much

    1. Encore Voyage Post author

      Does it feed your soul? Does it match up with your values? Will you remember this as important by the end of the month? The year? For example, as a special education teacher, I spent hours and hours every night at home working on required paperwork. The CHILDREN were important…The TEACHING was important. The hours I gave of my life to that nonsensical paper??? Not so much! And now, I can’t get those hours back – Wish I’d spent them doing something that feeds my spirit… ~ Lynn


  1. Liesbet @ Roaming About

    I think all of us sweat “the small stuff” and worry about things that probably don’t matter too much in the long run. I think some of those worries come from being spoiled, as in not too many big things have to be worried about by people in the western world, like food on the table, finding a job, having shelter, making friends, being part of a family or community. I think it is human nature to worry, so we now “find” other things to stress about. Living in the moment helps. And, it is almost weekend, so… yay, no stress about work anymore! 🙂

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  2. RetirementallyChallenged.com

    I’ve never been a big worrier by nature. I realize that I am very lucky and haven’t been faced with great hardship or loss, but I also think that remaining calm and optimistic has helped me get through rocky situations. Live is good! Have a great weekend!

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  3. patwdoyle11

    This week I’m worrying that I’m not doing enough. I’m lazing about… reading books, taking an occasional walk or yoga class. And worrying that I’m simply wasting time (versus looking at it as time to heal physically and emotionally). Crazy that I can always find something to worry about!

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  4. Shallow Reflections

    I’m getting there but I still allow my mind to become a busy body at times. It is much easier to relax when I’m not working and I find the two days I do work are much more stressful. It is always funny to think back on something that seemed like the end of the world and either not remember details about it or realize how insignificant it was in the grand scheme. Great reminder to chill out!

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