Encore Quotes – Learning and Living

Happy Friday, Voyagers!  It’s been a week full of learning for me.  A little challenging, a little frustrating, a lot of fun!  One of the critical components of a successful retirement voyage is that you not stagnate.  That you always have something that will challenge you, drive you, motivate you to get out of your recliner chair.  My hope for you this weekend is that you will rekindle some interest – find some curiosity within.  So how about it – what new things will you learn next?


19 thoughts on “Encore Quotes – Learning and Living

  1. karen207

    Funny you should ask, Lynn! I love to learn new things in my retirement, even when frustrated. My next new learning is about a photo editing app (much easier than PhotoShop!) that I’m going to write about for next Thursday’s Profound Journey. That’s if I can get it figured out this weekend. Kind of a crazy time to be messing around with some new techy thing, as you well know!! But you’re right – challenge is fun.

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    1. Encore Voyage Post author

      Crazy is right! That’s exactly what I was thinking as I was working on that Photoshop project! “Really, Lynn? This is what you decide to work on two weeks before Christmas???!!! Crazy!


  2. footloosefogeys

    For the past two years, my wife and I have been traveling America. We sold the house and got rid of everything in it, so we do not have a home base. The object of the trip, besides just the joy of traveling, was to find the perfect place to retire. We loved Southern California so we found a beautiful 55+ community with a myriad of recreational opportunities, clubs, and classes. Now comes the hard part. We have to pick our leisure time activities. I guess it is going to be like the traveling; keep exploring until I hit something I really like and then stick with that.

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  3. Christie Hawkes

    I’m putting my Winter Bucket List together now. I always choose a couple of activities in the Learning/Growth category. I want to improve my blog photography–specifically lighting and backgrounds. I also want to attend sangha for the first time with my daughter. Thanks for the motivation, Lynn.

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