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Last night, my family went to see the movie Wonder. I hoped my two, young sons would watch the movie and leave with a renewed understanding of what it means to be kind, but I wasn’t prepared for the lesson it had for me. It is November. The season of darkness and paperwork. By November,Read…

via A Teacher’s Perspective on Wonder — SpEd Tales – Stories for Teachers

Do you ever have one of those moments when you read something so true it gives you a kinda lump in your throat?  It happened to me this morning!  So even though I had a different post all ready to go, I decided to switch horses and reblog this one because it’s a


And not just for us teacher types, but for us all!  In the past week, I’ve run across some very cranky people in my daily dealings!

  • The lady who got all bent out of shape because the line didn’t move quickly enough.
  • The taxi driver who rode our tail last night because his need to be first exceeded our need to be first.
  • The friend in the restaurant last night who “b*tched” because his french fries were only warm – not hot.

And when I read this blog this morning, it occurred to me again that we all need to recognize that

Everyone has a story

and we all need to learn to approach each other with a little bit of wonder.  We get to choose.  I hope the rest of your month (aw heck, the whole year) is “wonderful!”


9 thoughts on “A Teacher’s Perspective on Wonder — SpEd Tales – Stories for Teachers

  1. travelswithfran

    I once had a superintendent who said to me there are moments like these that keep us all humble. Your blog today highlighted all those things that could be happening that we as teachers don’t think about. It also boggles the mind to think about all the things that teachers have to be mindful of!

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  2. Retirementallychallenged.com

    Thank you for reblogging this post. I would have missed it otherwise and I think it’s too important of a message. I haven’t seen the movie yet but reading this has given me good insight into the characters’ struggles and, of course, a reminder of the struggles many face behind our facades of “normalcy.”

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