Beyond the Midlife Crisis

Not too many years ago, hubs told me he wanted to purchase a Corvette.  Of course, the first thought that blasted into my head was

Oh good Lord, he’s having a Midlife Crisis!

I feared that the next thing you knew, he would be running around with the top two buttons of his shirt undone, and would be wearing gold chains.  Yikes!  I didn’t think I’d be able to stand it.  Furthermore, we joined the local Corvette Club, and I was just certain that I was going to be surrounded by them – middle aged men, all going through a special sort of Midlife Hell – all hairy and trying to act waaayyyyy too young for their ages.

But you know what?  Nothing could have been further from the truth.  As it turns out, the members of the club were all just working folks like us, who had dreamed of owning a Corvette in their younger years, and now, finally, were in a position to purchase one.  And they were still just working stiffs, making payments on their dream cars while polishing the paint off.  Some of the nicest, most humble people you’d ever hope to meet, just enjoying driving and being together.

I am reminded of this because Jeremy had a beautiful diamond ring made for our 35th wedding anniversary this month.  It’s quite a blingy thing, one any woman would be proud to wear.  Back in the day, I can remember being envious of women who, at the time, appeared to be dripping in diamonds.

Don’t get me wrong – I love my new ring and all that it stands for.  It touches my heart that it is custom made to represent our 3+ decades together.  But I don’t give a S*#T who sees it, really.  I have absolutely no need to impress anyone with bigger, better, more expensive “stuff!”

These days, we’re finding that we’ve moved beyond the Midlife Crisis.  When we were younger, I think we were intent on climbing – on impressing others with our home, our accomplishments, our possessions.  Now, we’ve reached an age where we’ve reevaluated, and all of that posturing just doesn’t matter anymore.  Finally, we understand what is

The crisis, if there was one, is OVER!

Once again, I keep having those “if only we’d known then what we know now” moments.  I hope we weren’t total jerks in our younger years – I don’t think we were, but ya never know!  So how about it.  Has anyone else successfully navigated the coming and going of the Midlife Crisis?  I’d love it if you’d tell me your story!


26 thoughts on “Beyond the Midlife Crisis

  1. snakesinthegrass2014

    I do get Hubs’ hankering. For most of my younger life what I wanted more than anything was a Camaro, which I guess in some ways is a poor relation of the Corvette. That eventually changed to a pick-up truck, which for a time I did have and enjoyed it very much. The #1 item on my wish list now is a vintage stereo system, which interestingly has nothing to do with cars. A good therapist could probably spend a session on that one, but I’ll just bank the $125 that would cost and put it into the fund instead. Your Corvette is beautiful… – Marty

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  2. Bernadette

    My husband did buy his trophy car during midlife. I figured a trophy car was better than a trophy wife. Anyway, we still have the car and our greatest joy is letting our grandchildren sit in it and pretend they are driving. Funny how times change and thank goodness for the better.

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    I’m not sure we ever went through the mid-life crisis phase, but my husband bought a Boxster a few years ago. I don’t think the purchase meant anything more to him than just wanting a fun car to drive. I’m not really a car person, but it makes him happy and I like riding in it with the top down.

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  4. mommermom

    Sick trite words, Lynn. Sometimes it takes age to gain perspective of what is important. ….really important! Congratulations on your anniversary. 35 years in today’s world most especially is something to be proud of. Quite an accomplishment.


  5. Life With The Top Down

    When my husband brought home a convertible, without ever mentioning this would be happening, I was insane to say the least. His reason was that he always rode a motorcycle, but wanted to have something we could enjoy together. This purchase and all the emotion that came with it was the start of my blog.

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    1. Encore Voyage Post author

      LOL! Oh, I soooooo hear you. I didn’t mention that hubs took our Ford Bronco and completely redid the engine (read here “big and chrome,” then lifted the d*mn thing about 4 inches so it was like driving a super ball! Lets just say we had words!!!

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  6. MrFireStation

    Yes – it’s not so much a midlife “crisis” but enjoying many years of hard work and good fortune. We too, have enjoyed meeting people through our BMW Club.

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  8. Rachel McAlpine

    I knew there was something missing in my life. It was your blog. And now that you’re over the mid-life crisis, it’s safe to follow… touch wood.

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    1. Encore Voyage Post author

      Thanks Rachel…I’ve been away from my blog for several months. Blogging (and trying to post several times a week) takes a LOT of work. But I must say, reading your comment sort of makes me want to get back into it! Thanks for the nudge in the right direction!

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