Encore Quotes – Listen to Your Mother

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I want to wish all you moms and nanas out there a very special day.  This quote is so true.  I owe my confidence and sassiness to my own mom, and my appreciation of a positive attitude to Jeremy’s wonderful mother.  She NEVER made me feel like anything but the perfect choice for her son.  And even though they’ve both passed away (mine several years ago, and Jeremy’s just last year) I still listen to them both nearly every day!  Do you?

Happy Mothers Day!


13 thoughts on “Encore Quotes – Listen to Your Mother

  1. Retirementallychallenged.com

    What a great quote! I miss my mother very much (gone sixteen years now) and think about her almost every day. My mother-in-law is just about as polar opposite from my mother as two people could be but I value her also and am so grateful that she’s still as active and healthy as can be.

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