Encore Quotes – It’s Supposed to Be Hard!

I thought it would be easy.  After all, I play the piano!  Eighty eight keys, 10 fingers, I already read music – in fact multiple lines of notes at a time.  How hard could it be to play an instrument that produces one note at a time in about a 3 or 4 octave range???  Yeah, right!

The saxophone…that half-marathon…a new business…learning a language – Whatever your thing is, remember hard is what makes it great!  Have a wonderful weekend doing the hard things!


9 thoughts on “Encore Quotes – It’s Supposed to Be Hard!

  1. dkmcl2

    You can do it Lynn. Keep practicing. I love the saxophone! My Dad played sax by ear. Self taught. He could make it talk to you! Just don’t give up, if it’s what you really want to do..That’s one of the last pieces of advice he gave me before he passed away when I took my guitar to the nursing home to play for him just after starting my lessons….keep practicing…Dave 🙂

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