Blindness by Blogging

I felt the same way as NiftyFiftyShades when I started wearing glasses full time. Not, not, not gonna wear glasses on a chain around my neck! (Heavens no, only OLD teachers do that!). And besides, what can be bad about pics of dogs wearing glasses on a Saturday morning! Have a great weekend, everyone!


imageOptician:   That comes to  Eur 638.75

Me:             Are they 24 carat solid gold?

Optician :  No

Me:              Are the diamond encrusted?

Optician:   No.

Me:              Have they been hand crafted by nymphs.

Optician:    No.

Me:              Have they been lovingly buffed by French nuns.

Optician:    No

Me:              But they are nice and designery…

Optician:   Yes.

imageMmm!! Which to choose.  Blindness or spectacles

imageMy blog is almost three months old.  It began as a technical challenge, playing about with WordPress, trying different themes, mucking about with plugins, most enjoyable.  Now that I’ve acquainted myself with the wondrous mysteries of the Twitter machine I’m addicted.


Only problem is, my eyes are sore.  The dreaded day has arrived, I must wear spectacles full time.   I’ve managed until now with glasses just for reading.  I’m perfectly happy to go about my business half blind rather than cave in and wear glasses full time .  It…

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1 thought on “Blindness by Blogging

  1. ambertreeleaves

    The glasses that the dogs wear are cool. I might have seen them on th nose of people already.
    Finding a good set of glasses is indeed a challenge. I have been wearing them since I am 12… That is a whopping 28 years already!

    I just discovered your blog now. There is nice content and views here.



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