The Doors to Knowledge Invite the Love of Reading

While reading this morning I ran across this post at Perspectives On…and it touched my heart. Instilling a love of reading was THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of my 30 year teaching career!

Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

Doors to knowledge open here

What is your “one love?” As a writer and educator, I have to admit that the love of books and reading is at the top of my list of loves.

The above photo shows a sculpture of a woman reading in the lobby of the Sacramento State University library. I was surprised that I had not noticed her before. That is what photography will do–provide a new perspective while searching for perfect shot.

What I love about this is she is reading near the doors, as if she had just checked out her book and couldn’t wait to start reading.

“The doors to knowledge invite the love of reading.” -Terri Webster Schrandt

teach love of reading

These are submitted for the weekly photo challenge: One Love  and for Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors.  Feel free to join these photo challenges any time.

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