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I am a collector of quotes.  I collect them on Pinterest Boards.  I write them in journals, on napkins, in margins.  I save them on every device by sending  them to a One Note page I have lovingly titled “Quotes and Cool Sayings.”  As I only save the ones that pertain to my life, I am inspired, motivated and sometimes even soothed by them.

I thought about hanging them on a beautiful bulletin board above my desk.  The other day, while reading her blog, I got inspired by looking at the quote above Julie’s desk at Baby Boomer Bliss.

At one time, I thought about making a fancy clipboard and changing out the quotes – Yeah, No….I’m just not that crafty!

So I bought a digital picture frame:

Desk Picture Frame 2

I save the quotes as JPEG s.  (Right click, save picture as).  Sometimes I make my own by inserting the text over an uploaded photo using a sweet little on-line program called Canva.

I save the quotes on my computer in a desktop file, then copy them to the SD card for the picture frame.  I have my frame set to roll through the quotes every 5 minutes.  I suppose you could insert the occasional grand-kid pic, but I wouldn’t know about that.

So anyway, at the suggestion of my blogging friend (you know who you are!) I’m going to start posting my favorite quotes and giving them their own Quotes category.  Feel free to steal them for your own picture frame.  Here’s the catch…some of these I’ve copied from Pinterest, and could no longer tell you where they came from.  If you’re only going to use them for your own purposes, go for it.  I’ll give credit where I can, and will let you know which ones are mine.  Ya’ probably shouldn’t steal them for commercial or blogging purposes because of that copyright stuff.  Mine – I’m OK with that.  Knock yourself out.

Here’s to feeling inspired!

-I'm not sure what I'll do


Photo credit: Sarin Achawaranont – Unsplash

13 thoughts on “Encore Quotes – I Want to Go Places

  1. Retirementallychallenged.com

    I love your idea of using a digital frame to display your quotes! I have several favorite quotes pinned to the bulletin board above my desk but they get covered over now and then. your way keeps them more top-of-mind. Also, thanks for the link to Baby Boomer Bliss!

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  2. mommermom

    I love quotes! I didn’t I always feel that way- when I was a child as my father used to quote all kinds of things to keep us kids in line. Funny thing is I burdened my kids with the same quotes because they made so much more sense as a parent! I also pull quotes off of Pinterest and various other places often posting them on my Instagram. I love the one you have on your desk in the photo!

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      1. mommermom

        There was a 3 day quote challenge going around my little part of the blogging world a few months back that I took advantage of. It was great fun! 😄 It was a 3 day 3 quote challenge-consider yourself unofficially challenged if you want to!!

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      2. Encore Voyage Post author

        Funny…I just spent the last hour preparing 3 new ones for the next 3 Fridays! They’ll appear in Encore Quotes! Challenge accepted – hopefully I can keep them going after that! 🙂

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