St. Lucia, The Jungle, and Me!


One of the things on Our List was to go on a zip line.  Now, being the picky wife that I am, I told the hubs that I did NOT want him to take me 20 miles north of town, to one of our small local zip-lines which has been set up in conjunction with the ski area.  NOPE – NOT ME!

I wanted to zip-line somewhere exotic!  Somewhere where there was the possibility of seeing parrots or monkeys!  We found the right place at Treetop Adventure Park in St. Lucia!

I do not know whether it was the 12 lines cut through the top of the lush forest canopy, the speed, the height, or the ridiculously fun demeanor of the guides – but I’m pretty sure this was my favorite part of our 10-day trip!  The guides at TreeTop made even me, a confirmed chicken, soar through the trees like a hawk.  (Our guide Melvin gave our group the nickname, “The Chicken Hawks!”) After the first line, there was nothing scary about it.  See for yourself:

Nobody paid me to write this post.  I just wanted to share one of the most stinkin’ fun things we did on our wandering!


6 thoughts on “St. Lucia, The Jungle, and Me!

  1. patwdoyle11

    Yup, zip line is definitely still on my to-do list. And I’m actually OK with one 20 miles north through the woods….if I wait till a place like St Lucia, it might never happen. Oh, did you fly past any monkeys?

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