Carpe Librum – Seize the Book!

One of my favorite things about retirement and this Encore Voyage…Here’s a Hint:

I Read Past My Bedtime

It’s the BEST!!!  To finally have the time to read, read, read, read and then read some more – well, just heavenly.  And to not pay the penalty.  Here’s how it goes when I read in bed.  I tell myself, “Just one more chapter.” – Then look and I’ve gone the next 100 pages, OR I tell myself, “Just 15 more minutes.” – and look to find yet another hour has passed.  The Encore Voyage allows for such nonsense without having to explain my glazed eyes to my boss in the morning.  We love to go on Barnes & Noble dates and pet and smell and touch and generally support brick and mortar booksellers.  I also have a confession to make.  I’ve had my Nook for several years, and I love it, too.  I love being able to have lots of books with me when traveling, and I love being able to adjust the light (particularly helpful for past my bedtime reading!).  So I guess you can say I’m bi-literary:  I swing both ways.

But in my subtle move toward minimalism, I’ve also been reducing the number of actual books I have around the house.  It’s a little bit like giving away a child, I know, but it can be done, at least in part.  It’s easier knowing that I can still access those wonderful works with a tap of the screen…

And my latest rediscovery on the Encore Voyage?  The Public Library!   Come on, face it you boomers and retirees…when was the last time you roamed around your public library?  Here’s a news flash:  You should go!  No seriously, get your rear down to your local library and take your electronic reader with you, because here’s what I’ve learned:  There’s a high probability that your library will have a talented young techie person who will get you hooked up with downloading from the library’s e-collection. It’s easy peasy…They will help you download and start an account for OverDrive Media Console.  It’s quite simple.  You will need an Adobe account (easy to set up the first time – just an email and a password), and it’s all free.  Then wham, bam, thank you library – You are in business.  You select your local library and are directed to it’s e-collection right on your e-reader.  Coolest thing ever?  You can check out and download books from wherever you happen to have a wi-fi connection!  Generally, you can check them out for 14 days or so, and then they are just deleted.  Right??? No books to return, no worrying about overdue books.  And the hours and hours of browsing potential, without anyone thinking you are some weirdo!   If a book isn’t available right now, you can place a hold on it and the library will notify you by e-mail when it’s available for download.  Once you have the account, you can even put Overdrive on your smart phone, for those moments when you are bored at the DMV!   Just thinking about it makes my eyes glaze over with reader bliss…

Carpe librum
So carpe librum and hurry over to your local library!  Then let me know how it all works out for you!



7 thoughts on “Carpe Librum – Seize the Book!


    Well, you know how much I love libraries! I haven’t gotten very comfortable with e-books; mostly because I love curling up with an actual book and the cold, hard screen of an iPad or e-reader just isn’t the same. Funny about brick and mortar stores: mega-stores like B&N pushed out the independents, then Amazon took away sales from the mega-stores. Now, Amazon is opening up brick and mortar locations around the country, including my city. I try to support what very few independents are left whenever I can.

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    1. Encore Voyage Post author

      I try to support the independents, too. And it’s ironic that e-readers could push away even the mega book stores. Borders has gone under in our town, and Hastings seems not far behind. I fear that if we don’t support places like B&N, soon we won’t be able to buy actual books! That’s why we go on B&N dates – there is nothing like the smell and feel of a good book. It can never be replaced, no matter how much I enjoy the convenience of my Nook.

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  2. meandtheinterweb

    Ohhhh, a reading twinsie!! 🙂 I have also rediscovered the public library. What joy! Besides OverDrive have you tried the online BookBub? Plus there is a free monthly book from Amazon Prime? I have enough downloaded free books to read that I could end up on a deserted island for the rest of my life and NEVER run out. And they just keep coming in my inbox. I have probably read 40 or 50 books since we moved here in November. I read and read and read and love it! But you’re right. I stay up til all hours reading and then find it hard to get up the next morning. Kind of force myself at 8:00 or 8:30! My husband is an early riser and not much of a reader, so he doesn’t understand….

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    1. Encore Voyage Post author

      I also have BookBub! Last year I even did a Facebook 2015 reading challenge. I think there were about 50 books on the list from different categories. My only problem was I’m not much of a rule follower – read the categories I wanted, and then just said, “Oh heck with it,” and kept reading whatever I wanted. Life’s too short to read stuff that doesn’t interest you. There are so many books, so little time!


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