Too Many Quilts – Here’s What to Do!

How many quilts does a person really need???  Hold on, hold on…before you fellow quilters go all ape shit bananas on me, I know that you know what I’m talking about!  Like me, you have your guest beds stacked with several years worth of creativity!  You rotate them occasionally, bringing a different one to the top to give the room a new look.  And like me, if you have guests who are actually going to sleep in that guest bed, you must frantically find a place to store some of the extras, so that your guests won’t be crushed under the weight – Come on now, fess up – You do the same thing…you know you do!  

So what’s a quilter to do – Your walls all have hangings, your tables are all topped, and you’ve already made quilted gifts for your friends for next Christmas!  I think the best answer is to quilt for a cause!  I thought I’d share this last little project I did in hopes of inspiring some of you.


Each year, the Boys & Girls Club in our town holds a fund raising gala dinner.  The gala includes an extensive silent auction and a live auction, as well as raffle tickets for exciting prizes.  With some inside help from the club,  I finished this quilt just in time for the gala. The painted hand prints were done by children at the club, and the photo blocks are of children who have attended the Boys & Girls Club over the years.  The orange and blue represent our local Boise State Broncos!  The quilt was quite a hit, and in the end, went to one of the BGC board members.

My point is this…If, like me, you have too many quilts and too much time, perhaps you could consider donating quilts for a cause:

  • Quilts of Valor is a program that is trying to cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing quilts.  Their website gives specifics.
  • Neonatal units at most local hospitals truly appreciate very soft baby quilts to go home with infants.  (And new parents truly appreciate the expression of caring!)
  • The same could be said for skilled nursing care facilities.  What’s not to love about providing a beautiful quilt to a senior?
  • Many non-profit organizations use raffles and silent auctions as a means of fund-raising.  It’s not that hard to find a way to give to an organization that appeals to your heart.
  • And if you have old quilts which you have decided to replace, animal shelters and vet clinics can always put them to good use!

So whatdaya think??  Are you feeling inspired to use up some of that stash for a good cause?  I’d love to hear about your projects!


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