I Am The CEO!

Keep calm and love the boss

First step:  Register our new business with the state – Check.  Second step:  Print the guy some business cards – Check.  Third step:  Start smilin’ and dialing, and drumming up new business – Check, check and triple check!  Perhaps I am the most proud of Jeremy’s motivation and charisma in making our new business venture succeed.  He has been tireless in his pursuit of opportunities in the field of architecture, and it’s paying off.

So how do I fit in to the scheme of things?  I am

The Chief Everything Officer

As it turns out, I now do everything that is NOT architecture!  I am the bookkeeper, the proof reader and the secretary.  I am in charge of the maintenance department (think about it…we work out of our home!)  I run the cafeteria.  I am the IT department.  When something won’t print or his computer gets hosed, I hear him yell, “Lyyyyyynnnnnnnnn,” and I come running.  Make no mistake…What I know about architecture, or about setting up and running a business you could fit in a thimble!  But I’m nothing if not tenacious.  Before I retired from teaching, I used to tell my students that if they didn’t learn something new every day, they might as well have stayed in bed.  Wow!  Has that ever turned out to be the truth.  Every single day I am challenged to figure out how to do something new!  But that’s been the scary, heart pounding and invigorating fun of this second act career – to not be afraid to try new things, learn new skills, and pursue new interests.

Have you been letting the things you don’t know stop you from taking your Encore Voyage?  I’d love to hear your experiences!


2 thoughts on “I Am The CEO!

  1. runningisnotaplan

    Hi Lynn, I’m glad I found your blog and excited to read through all of your posts. I’ve only read the first few but I like where things are going! I just wanted to say hi and that I agree with your comment that you should learn something new every day. Mrs Earl and I have a lot of plans. A lot. Probably the biggest sub-list in there is to learn new things and at the same time to teach our son. In a situation of having retired early, especially when it’s a little earlier than expected (!), I think that it will be fantastic to substitute skill for money as much as possible. I’m looking forward to learning how to many more things for myself than I used to do in the past. In fact I can’t wait.

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