I Can Live On Ramen Noodles

ramen noodles with mushrooms

I say this because the statement is a source of courage for me.  You see, when Jeremy and I were first married, we were pretty much flat broke.  We had graduated from college on Saturday, were married on Sunday, and moved to our current home town the following week.  We put our last money in the world into the gas tanks of three vehicles to get here.  We came into town with our two used cars, and a Ryder truck driven by a friend.  It contained a couple of meager furniture items (if you can count 2×12 and cinder block bookcases as “furniture”) and a bunch of unopened wedding presents.  We had nothin’ but wide eyes, ambition, and love.

Why is that important?  It is important because it’s scary to just start up a new business and pray that you will make enough money to eat.  It’s important because we don’t really have a clue about being business owners.  It’s important because our lifestyle would be destined for huge changes!  But my sister got me thinking when she said to me,

“How much stuff do you really need, anyway?”

And that brought me to a very liberating place…What would be the very worst thing that could happen?  Perhaps we’d fail at this, and need to find other jobs.  Perhaps we wouldn’t like our chosen new career and would want to do something different.  But the reality is that we really do have all the “stuff” we need, and heaven knows we could certainly stand to simplify a bit.  I told Jeremy, “We lived on Ramen Noodles once, we can do it again.  We are certainly in a better place this second time around.”   I think many great ideas are stifled because people are afraid to take the plunge and commit to an unknown.  What’s stopping you from taking an encore voyage?


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