Frank, Warren & Jimmy

reclining parrot

What to do?  What to do?  What to do?  In our first few days of “forced freedom”, we had plenty of time to ponder that question.  We knew that we were going to have to do something to earn money – we are only in our mid-fifties, and it would be quite some time before we hit “retirement age.”  We knew that we didn’t want to completely deplete our savings, or rob from our retirement nest egg too much…But it’s a loooonnnng time before we can count on Uncle Sam.  We really didn’t want to “start over” again in the job market.  Jeremy had spent nearly 30 years as a commercial architect.  Starting over as a draftsman, working for someone else was not in the plans if we could help it.  As we sat on the patio drinking wine (notice the pattern here), I asked him,

“So what would your dream job be?”

And through the course of the next several hours, we came to the decision that we needed start our own gig.  The original plan was to work as an architectural consultant, pay closer attention to our investments, and yet still have some time to be “semi-retired” to pursue other things that interest us.  Yep, that’s what Jeremy really wanted to be:  One-third Frank Lloyd Wright, one-third Warren Buffet, and one-third Jimmy Buffett!

So with that goal in mind, we jumped in with both feet, and the encore voyage began.  So what would your dream job be?  Are you heading down the road in that direction?


4 thoughts on “Frank, Warren & Jimmy

  1. Run Wright

    My dream job is to be a photojournalist. I would love to be paid to travel and write about everything I see. Blogging is me standing on the edge of the ocean, dipping my feet in the possibilities. I don’t have a professional camera yet. As soon as I can afford a good one, I plan to take my blog on the road and start a brand new scene in my second act.

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    1. Encore Voyage Post author

      Ooh, Ooh…me too! My problem is that I, quite frankly, don’t know enough about blogging, and marketing, and all that. But I’m nothing if not tenacious. You can, in fact, teach a ‘slightly older but not yet old’ dog some new tricks! I’ve just started putting some of our travel stuff on a companion blog I call Encore Wanderings! And I’ve heard that you don’t need to pack a big expensive camera – just take great photos with a smaller more reasonably priced Canon, and edit judiciously. I say, “Go For It!” 🙂

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